The new KIA Picanto comes with a stylish & sporty look and boasts of a number of high-end features and eco-friendly technology. Designed with an aim to reduce economy and environmental effect, the Picanto offers high performance while reducing emissions and fuel bill. Picanto is the smallest car from the leading South Korean manufacturer KIA Motors and is available as five-door and three-door hatchback, both. KIA Picanto is the most ambitious city car which exemplifies KIA’s new design and a fun and upbeat nature. The sporty and stylish car, delivers the legendary Picanto individuality. The latest version of Kia Picanto is quieter on the road and offers a comfortable ride. This city car has many exterior styling cues which are as same as its big brother, the Venga. The latest version has higher quality interior materials and larger boot than the older version. There are two very frugal petrol engines to choose from, 84bhp 1.25-litre unit and 68bhp 1.0-litre unit and this make this car absolutely perfect to drive in the city.


The new Picanto is fantastic on the road and it comes with new engines which are huge improvement over its previous units. Generously equipped KIA Picanto

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ensures a smooth drive, is available at attractive price and comes with long warranty. The excellent 7- year warranty offers peace of mind. The car is quite affordable to buy and run.

Picanto takes pride in being one of the first of new Korean cars which is at par with the best ones from Japan and Europe. A Picanto model grabs the attention with its bright colours and cheeky looks. For the buyers, Picanto is available in these ranges – the basic Picanto ‘1’, the mid-range Picanto ‘2’ and the top-of-the-range Picanto ‘3’. In all these models a stereo, a trip computer and electric windows are available. The new KIA Picanto is quiet and spacious with significantly more legroom.

Improved safety features and standard seven-year warranty from KIA, make Picanto a better choice than many other cars. Picanto models are available in all the KIA showrooms of Nigeria and other cities across the world. Excellent servicing of Picanto and all other models of KIA cars are available at the KIA service centres.