In a bid to bring the most affordable art auction to the teeming enthusiasts of creativity and ingenuity, Arthouse is showcasing a collection of seasoned and contemporary works of art by emerging artists, modern masters, and Africa’s most prominent artists at the Affordable Art Auction slated for Saturday the 11th of February. The event is aimed at attracting seasoned collectors and first-time buyers to avail the opportunity of owning an artwork at an affordable price with all artworks estimated below One million Naira.

Kia has over the years partnered Arthouse to present a meld of astonishingly curated works of art and beautifully designed cars that make its showroom a destination for collectors and enthusiasts of not just cars, but also modern art and design. In this edition, the collections are all scaled to a more affordable and accessible price point to allow many an art enthusiast own striking artwork with an in-depth emotional connection that accentuates their love for art.

The Affordable Art Auction aims to engage emerging markets and the rise of a new collector base. ”We particularly look to focus on building a network of local clients to create a more self-sufficient market, and we hope that the auction will attract both seasoned collectors and first-time buyers. This edition of the Affordable Art Auction showcases emerging artists, many of whom are being presented at auction for the first time, alongside leading modern masters and Africa’s most prominent artists —all scaled to a more affordable and accessible price point. Through this auction, we seek to open more opportunities for artists in Nigeria to sell their work and create new audiences to appreciate and interact with contemporary African art” Kavita Chellarams, CEO, Arthouse Contemporary Limited.

One of the facets of Kia Motors Nigeria business operations that really differentiate it from other industry players is the adjoining synergy between the aesthetics of its car designs and partnering with Arthouse to host exhibitions of contemporary artworks curated by Africa’s widely renowned and seasoned artists. “Our partnership with Arthouse contemporary in the affordable art auction is an extension of our appreciable passion for creativity,” explains Sandeep Malhotra, Chief Commercial Officer, Kia Motors Nigeria. And that birthed the partnership with Arthouse contemporary to constantly bring to the fore a collection of art that appeals to emotions and stirs passion.

The art auction will be heralded by a preview party, tagged ‘ART NIGHT OUT’, taking place on Thursday, February 9th, 6-9 PM at the Kia Showroom on the highbrow Adeola Odeku Street, Lagos Island. The attendees of this party will have a sneak peak of the artworks to be auctioned on Saturday, February, 11th. The auction promises to present prominent artworks and a rare opportunity for the people to relish in the alluring works of art that will be on exhibition for auction and will commence at exactly 4 pm on Saturday at the Kia Showroom. яндекс