The sun rises on a bold, dynamic design, with curves and lines an expression of captivating style and sharp sophistication. The new Sportage, a car that lets you live life to the full.



Kia Sportage victory in 2014 J.D Power *VOSS
The Kia Sportage has triumphed in the J.D. Power 2014
Germany Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Study™, being
awarded first place in the hard-fought ‘Compact SUV’ category.
The report, which rates cars and manufacturers in the
German market according to overall driver satisfaction,
also lists a number of other Kia models – including the popular cee’d and Rio models – and sees Kia enter the top 10 list of manufacturers for the first time.

* in Germany

Upgraded design

sophistication, refinement and the style and elegance of the latest trends

New Kia grille design

Bumper and fog lamps

Hi-tech rear combination lamps

Premium features inside

Numerous features for convenience ahead of you

High elastic painted crash pad garnish

Infinity sound system

4.3 TFT LCD Touch Screen audio

360 View

    Clear White #EDEEF0
    Clear White #aba6a8
    Clear White #584b44
    Clear White #5c5758
    Clear White #484243
    Clear White #42423f
    Clear White #96363b
    Clear White #3f4e66
    • All information and illustrations are based on data available at the time of publication and subject to change without notice.
    • Contact EIT for current information.


    Kia Sportage Features Flex Steer

    Flex Steer
    The level of steering assistance and feedback
    can be adjusted at the touch of a button for a more engaging drive (sport mode)
    or for less steering effort when you’re stuck in traffic (comfort mode).
    (Available only on Nu engine models)

    AWD Lock Mode
    When you encounter low-traction surfaces such as deep snow
    or sand, a simple push of a button engages AWD lock to provide
    a 50:50 torque split between the front and rear wheels.
    kia sportage features awd lock mode

    Kia Sportage Features 6-Airbag System

    With each wheel moving in a vertical direction
    independent of the other wheels, the car deftly responds to
    uneven road surfaces for optimal handling.
    Backup Camera Display &
    Rear Parking Assistance System
    Backup Camera Display
    The 4.3-inch TFT LCD touch screen audio features backup
    camera display to ease the process of parallel parking and reversing
    out of tight spots.
    Triggering the camera happens automatically when the Sortage’s
    transmission is put into reverse.
    Kia Sportage Features Backup camera display
    Rear Parking Assistance System
    Parking in tight spaces can often be awkward.
    The Rear Parking Assistance System sounds an alert if you get too close
    to obstacles, making parking simpler than ever before.
    Kia Sportage Features Rear Parking Assistance System

    Kia Sportage Features 6 Airbag with Rollover Sensor

    6 Airbag
    with Rollover Sensor
    A comprehensive range of safety features are incorporated
    into the Sportage to ensure the finest in driving is accompanied
    by the finest in safety. Six airbags are built in – two
    at the front for driver and passenger, two at the sides, plus curtain airbags
    running front to back. The side and curtain airbags incorporate
    a rollover sensor, automatically inflating in the event of the car turning over.
    (Rollover sensor is not available in Middle East countries)
    Delivering The Ride, Delivering The Safety
    Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
    In the event of sudden braking or turning,
    Electronic Stability Control (ESC) activates to regulate engine
    torque and distribute braking force independently,
    slowing you down safely with maximum control.
    Kia Sportage Safety Electronic Stability Control
    Disc Brakes with ABS
    Large disc brakes offer plenty of stopping power, and an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) prevents skidding
    and lets you maintain steering control under hard braking conditions.
    Kia Sportage Safety Disc brakes with ABS
    Downhill Brake Control and Hill-start Assist Control
    Downhill Brake Control (DBC) helps you safely maintain control
    and a steady speed on steep descents. Hill-start Assist Control (HAC)
    prevents you from rolling backwards when pulling away from
    stop on an incline.
    Kia Sportage Safety Downhill Brake Control and Hill-start Assist Control



    Kia Sportage specifications dimensions
    Overall length 4,440 Overhang (Front) 890
    Overall width 1,855 Overhang (Rear) 910
    Overall height 1,635 Headroom (1st) 992 (Normal roof)
    Wheelbase 2,640 Headroom (2nd) 997 (Normal roof)
    Wheeltread (Front) 1,597 (18") Legroom (1st) 1,051
    Wheeltread (Rear) 1,598 (18") Legroom (2nd) 963
    Fuel tank (ℓ) 55    


    Theta II 2.4 D-CVVT Gasoline engine Nu 2.0 D-CVVT Gasoline engine R 2.0 VGT Diesel engine
    Kia Sportage Specifications Theta II 2.4 D-CVVT Gasoline engine Kia Sportage Specifications Nu 2.0 D-CVVT Gasoline engine Kia Sportage Specifications R 2.0 VGT Diesel engine

    Max. Power
    177 ps @ 6,000 rpm

    Max. Torque
    23.1 kg·m @ 4,000 rpm

    Max. Power
    158 ps @ 6,200 rpm (Euro 2)
    154 ps @ 6,200 rpm (Euro 3/4/5)

    Max. Torque
    19.6 kg·m @ 4,000 rpm.(Euro 2)
    19.5 kg·m @ 4,700 rpm (Euro 3/4/5)

    Max. Power
    177 ps @ 4,000 rpm (Euro 2/3)
    184 ps @ 4,000 rpm (Euro 4/5)

    Max. Torque
    39.0 kg·m @ 1,800~2,500 rpm M/T (Euro 2/3)
    40.0 kg·m @ 1,800~2,500 rpm A/T (Euro 4/5)

    All information and illustrations are based on data available at the time of publication and subject to change without notice.
    Contact your local Kia dealer for current information.

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