Always moving forward, always evolving… that’s the Soul. This exuberant, head-turning car has been given a makeover, with its unique design made even more.



Reddot award 2014 winner car design/IF product design award 2014/International design excellence awards`14

Authorized Design

With a distinctive design, the Kia Soul has many fans all around the globe:
since the end of 2008, more than 760,000 people have purchased
the first-generation model.
In 2009, the original Kia Soul was Kia’s first car to receive the
distinguished 'red dot design award'.
The new Soul is also the first Kia model for which the roof can be
ordered in a contrasting colour, while a new SUV Styling Pack -
featured on the iF design award-winning car - introduces distinctive
piano black bumper garnish, side skirts, wheel arches and a black
painted roof.
Add a SUV styling pack
“The great challenge we faced when designing the second model
generation was to preserve the strong, individual character that made the
Kia Soul so successful, and at the same time give the design new
impulses”, says Peter Schreyer.
Soul VideoWatch this and find detailed design information on Soul.

Two Tone Color

A choice of four two-tone exterior color schemes takes Soul's sporty and distinctive styling to an even higher level.
There's a color combination that's a perfect reflection of your personality.

Kia Soul Highlights Two Tone Color

Design Your Wheels!

A choice of sporty and distinctive two-tone exterior options and
a wide range of wheel styles allow you to create the ideal soul mate
that will help you stand out from the crowd.

235/45R 18” Alloy Wheel A type

* Available only for Clear White, Bright Silver, Titanium Gray, Black Cherry
and Inferno Red exterior colors.

360 View

    Clear White #afae5e
    Clear White #111111
    Clear White #c6c7c8
    Clear White #dbdee2
    Clear White #ce242d
    Clear White #e2b83c
    Clear White #173447
    Clear White #cac3b9
    Clear White #828788
    Clear White #8c7a6f
    Clear White
    Clear White
    Clear White
    Clear White
    • All information and illustrations are based on data available at the time of publication and subject to change without notice.
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    • High Beam Assist

      High Beam Assist

      Soul’s high beams are automatically controlled when headlights of oncoming cars and backlights of vehicles in front are detected for added nighttime safety and convenience.

    • Lane Departure Warning System

      Lane Departure Warning System

      A front-mounted camera monitors Soul’s position in relation to the lane markings and the system alerts you when drifting without indicators.

    • Vehicle Stability Management

      Vehicle Stability Management

      Helps ensure the car stays stable when accelerating or braking suddenly - especially on wet, slippery and rough roads.


    • Idle Stop and Go

      Idle Stop and Go

      Soul automatically switches off the engine whenever the car comes to a halt, cutting down on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

    • Advanced Safety Parking Assistance System

      Advanced Safety Parking Assistance System

      The steering wheel is automatically controlled by an intelligent system that detects surrounding objects.

    • Improved Ingress and Egress

      Improved Ingress and Egress

      Seat cushion height and the distance between the cushion and roof line have been optimized to make getting in and out easily.


    • Audio System

      Audio System

      The base audio system features a monochrome TFT-LCD and the My Music function. The front side air vents are seamlessly integrated with the spherical, high-mounted “floating” tweeter speakers as a stylish extension of the circular theme found throughout the interior.

    • Seat Folding

      Seat Folding

      It offers class-leading luggage capacity of 686ℓ (SAE), enlarged rear hatch opening width and height, and rear seat full-folding and 60:40 folding for ultimate convenience.

    • Panoramic Sunroof

      Panoramic Sunroof

      With one simple touch, you can add to Soul’s feeling of interior spaciousness while letting in light for you and your entourage.



    Kia Soul Specifications Dimensions
    Overall length 4,140 Overhang (Rear) 730
    Overall width 1,800 Legroom (Front) 1,040
    Overall height 1,593 Legroom (Rear) 994
    Wheelbase 2,570 Headroom (Front) 1,006
    Wheel tread (Front) 1,576 Headroom (Rear) 1,003
    Wheel tread (Rear) 1,588 Shoulder room (Front) 1,410
    Overhang (Front) 840 Shoulder room (Rear) 1,390


    Gamma 1.6 GDI Engine Gamma 1.6 MPI Engine Nu 2.0 MPI Engine U2 1.6 VGT Engine
    Kia Soul Specifications Engine Gamma 1.6 GDI Engine Kia Soul Specifications Engine Nu 2.0 MPI Engine Kia Soul Specifications Engine Gamma 1.6 MPI Engine Kia Soul Specifications Engine U2 1.6 VGT Engine

    Max. Power132 ps @ 6,300 rpm

    Max. Power124 ps @ 6,300 rpm

    Max. Power154 ps @ 6,200 rpm

    Max. Power128 ps @ 4,000 rpm

    Max. Torque16.4 kg·m @ 4,850 rpm

    Max. Torque15.5 kg·m @ 4,850 rpm

    Max. Torque19.5 kg·m @ 4,700 rpm

    Max. Torque26.5 kg·m @ 1,900-2,750 rpm


    6-speed Automatic Transmission 6-speed Manual Transmission
    Kia Soul Specifications Transmission automatic transmission Kia Soul Specifications Transmission manual transmission

    All information and illustrations are based on data available at the time of publication and subject to change without notice.
    Contact your local Kia dealer for current information.


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