While boasting the largest dimensions in its segment, Kia Quoris is the next step in Kia’s dynamic and innovative design legacy with its charismatic front mask and sophisticated curves and surfaces.




In the U.S market, Kia launched a little different rear-drive luxury sedan, K900 (known as 'Kia Quoris' in other overseas markets).

The all-new 2015 K900 is poised to challenge the rear-drive luxury sedan segment with an extensive list of standard equipment, world-class accommodations, premium driving dynamics and stunning design that will redefine consumer perception and expectations of the Kia brand.

Here are some of the quotes from the press who drove K900 in California.

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Advanced Technology

High level of sophistication and refinement

Full LED Adaptive Front Lighting System

Head Up Display (HUD)

Luxury Class

Pushing the horizons of its segment

Advanced Rear Wheel Drive

Rear Bench Seat

9.2 Dual Monitor

360 View

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    Clear White #302721 http://www.kiamotorsnigeria.com/wp-content/themes/kia/images/360vr/quoris/titanium-brown/
    Clear White #100d10 http://www.kiamotorsnigeria.com/wp-content/themes/kia/images/360vr/quoris/aurora-black-pearl/
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    Kia Quoris Features Blind Spot Detection

    BSD (Blind Spot Detection)

    One of the most common causes of collision is the failure to see other vehicles in your car's blind spot. The BSD system features both LCA (lane change assist) which elongates the area of detection and RCTA (rear cross traffic alert) which warns the driver when there are approaching cross-traffic vehicles while the vehicle is in reverse gear.

    Kia Quoris Features Blind Spot Detection

    Kia Quoris Features Advanced Smart Cruise Control

    ASCC (Advanced Smart Cruise Control)

    A radar sensor at the front of the car monitors the gap between the vehicle ahead. The system automatically applies the brakes to maintain a pre-determined 'safe' distance and will even bring the vehicle to a complete stop, if necessary. The system will initiate take-off when car ahead.

    Kia Quoris Features Surround View Monitor

    SVM (Surround View Monitor)

    Four cameras located at the front, sides and rear of Kia Quoris provide a 360-degree, virtual bird's eye image of the car's location on the display monitor. In conjunction with PGS (Parking Guide System), which uses a steering wheel angle sensor and a rear-view camera to show the predicted trajectory of the vehicle, SVM enables safer and more convenient parking.

    Kia Quoris Features Surround View Monitor

    Kia Quoris Features Advanced 9-Airbag

    Advanced 9-Airbag

    System Kia Quoris provides an exceptional level of protection from the impact of collisions for all occupants thanks to dual front, twin front seat side and full-length curtain airbags, plus twin rear seat side airbags and a driver’s knee airbag. An intelligent airbag mechanism ensures deployment at an appropriate pressure based on the intensity of the collision to prevent excess injury.

    Driver's Knee Airbag

    In the event of a crash, the driver's knee airbag deploys to prevent injury to the lower body by offering extra protection for the driver's legs and feet from impact with the steering column and instrument panel.

    Kia Quoris Features Drivers Knee Airbag

    SBW (Shift-By-Wire) Electronic Gear Knob

    Kia Quoris features innovative SBW (shift-by-wire) technology, which removes any mechanical link between the gear selector and the gearbox. Together with a sensitive joystick control that delivers fast, smooth gear changes, SBW technology helps save space and weight while reducing engine noise in the cabin.

    8-Speed Automatic Transmission

    Kia’s all-new 8-speed automatic transmission guarantees brisk acceleration, high-speed refinement and enhanced fuel efficiency. A choice of four fully automatic modes (Eco, Normal, Sport and Snow) ensures ideal characteristics for all driving conditions.

    Kia Quoris Features 8-Speed Automatic Transmission

    Air Suspension

    Optimal body control is ensured thanks to driving modes that cater to different driving conditions.

    Kia Quoris Features Air Suspension

    Kia Quoris Features Air Suspension

    12.3-inch Full LCD Super Vision Cluster

    Using Thin Film Transistor (TFT) technology, the high-definition cluster features precise graphics and delivers a wide range of information with remarkable clarity. The display priorities, graphic colors and size can be personalized to suit your preferences.

    Kia Quoris Features 12.3-inch Full LCD Super Vision Cluster

    9.2-inch Driver Information Display

    Serving as the interface for climate control and audio & visual (including DVD) system, the large, easy-to-read high definition screen allows the driver to take full advantage of Kia Quoris’ state-of-the-art driving and multimedia functions. Intuitive access to quickly recognizable vehicle and road information ensures a higher level of safety and convenience.

    Kia Quoris Features 9.2-inch Driver Information Display

    Lexicon Premium Sound System

    Lexicon by Harman is renowned as a creator of truly concert-hall standards of premium audio reproduction. Consisting of 17 speakers and a 12-channel trunk-mounted digital amplifier, Kia Quoris’ sound system utilizes acoustic lens technology to deliver consistent sound quality throughout the cabin while an inverted subwoofer translates into more trunk space and the ultimate in bass performance.

    Kia Quoris Features Lexicon Premium Sound System



    Kia Quoris Specifications Dimensions
    Overall length 5,095 Headroom (Front) 1,020
    Overall width 1,900 Headroom (Rear) 964
    Overall height 1,490 Legroom (Front) 1,145
    Wheelbase 3,045 Legroom (Rear) 990
    Overhang (Front) 880 Fuel tank capacity (ℓ) 75
    Overhang (Rear) 1,170 Trunk capacity (ℓ) 450

    All information and illustrations are based on data available at the time of publication and subject to change without notice.
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    3.8-liter Multi-Port Injection V6 Gasoline Engine
    Kia Quoris Specifications Engine 3.8-liter Multi-Port Injection V6 Gasoline Engine

    Max. Power 290 ps @ 6,200 rpm

    Max. Torque36.5 kg.m @ 4,500 rpm