A small car, all grown up.Driving should be an extension of yourself. say hello to the new picanto. sporty and stylish, it also delivers on the other essentials: advanced features, eco-friendly technology, and of course, the now legendary picanto individuality.




Distinct & Modern

Changes in design
All-New Radiator Grille

Clear and sporty-looking
Supervision cluster


Form and function, all worked out

Take them along all tidied away
Versatility on board

Gear Comes in all shapes and sizes
200 litres of luggage space with 60:40 seat


Powers plus economy, the drive you seek

Kappa 1.0 MPI Engine
Average 20Km/L Fuel Efficiency

360 View

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    <Kia Picanto Features Rear Parking Assist System (4-Sensor Type)

    Emergency Stop Signal (ESS)

    ESS detects when you apply the brakes in an emergency,
    immediately activating the brake lights and flashing them three times to warn other drivers.

    Kia Picanto Features Vehicle Stability Management (VSM)

    Vehicle Stability
    Management (VSM)

    VSM stands for vehicle stability management, and works in conjunction
    with motor driven power steering to ensure the car stays stable
    when simultaneously braking and cornering.

    Kia Picanto Features Hill Assist Control (HAC)

    Hill Assist Control (HAC)

    We know what it’s like when you have to pull away from
    a standing start when you're on a steep upward incline.
    HAC stops you from rolling backwards.

    Kia Picanto Features Front/Side/Curtain AirBags

    Front·Side·Curtain AirBags

    Six airbags in total: one each for the driver and front seat passenger, two at the sides, two curtain airbags running the length of the cabin.

    Kia Picanto Features Front/Side/Curtain AirBags

    Electronic Stability
    Control (ESC)

    With Electronic Stability Control (ESC), sensors detec wheel speed and steering angle
    when you apply the brakes, delivering the appropriate braking force to
    each individual wheel to maintain steering control and slow you down safely.



    Kia picanto Specifications Dimension
    Overall length 3,595 Overhang (front) 700 Leg room (rear) 820
    Overall width 1,595 Overhang (rear) 510 Head room (front) 1,002
    Overall height 1,490 Interior length 1,729 Head room (rear) 962
    Wheelbase 2,385 Interior width 1,335 Shoulder room (front) 1,290
    Wheeltread (front) 1,421 Interior height 1,247 Shoulder room (rear) 1,280
    Wheeltread (rear) 1,424 Leg room (front) 1,070 Min. ground clearance 152


    Kappa 1.0 MPI Engine Kappa 1.0 FFV Engine Kappa 1.2 MPI Engine
    Kia Picanto Specifications Kappa 1.0 MPI Engine Kia Picanto Specifications Kappa 1.0 FFV Engine Kia Picanto Specifications Kappa 1.2 MPI Engine

    998 cc

    Max. Power
    69ps @ 6,200rpm

    Max. Torque
    9.6kg.m @ 3,500rpm

    998 cc

    Max. Power
    80ps @ 6,200rpm

    Max. Torque
    10.2kg.m @ 4,500rpm

    1,248 cc

    Max. Power
    87ps @ 6,000rpm

    Max. Torque
    12.2 kg.m @ 4,000rpm


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