Optima Hybrid

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    Hybrid Operation Modes

    Kia Optima Hybrid Features Hybrid Operation Modes

    4.3” Full-color TFT LCD
    Cluster Screen

    Kia Optima Hybrid Features Full-color TFT LCD Cluster Screen

    The striking supervision cluster features vivid graphics on the highly visible centered display that provide a variety of useful information about the vehicle’s performance. With just a quick glance, the driver can see whether the car is operating with the electric motor or the gasoline engine, instantaneous and average fuel economy, and information about the regenerative battery-charging system. There is even an ECO Level readout that depicts green leaves growing as your driving habits become more fuel efficient.

    Smart Parking Assist System

    During reverse parallel parking, available space is detected and the steering wheel automatically turns while visual gearshift instructions are provided via the supervision cluster display.

    Kia Optima Hybrid Features Smart Parking Assist System

    Advanced Eco-technology
    Presented in Style

    Kia Optima Hybrid Features Interior

    On the inside, the Optima Hybrid’s chic cabin boasts an array of unique high-tech features that not only let you travel in ultimate comfort but also help you to realize savings at the gas pump and minimize your environmental footprint.

    Heated & Ventilated Seat

    Kia Optima Hybrid Features Heated and Ventilated Seat

    You and your passengers can relax on every journey, all year round.
    A heated steering wheel and seat warmers provide reassuring
    comfort on cold days, while automatic air conditioning and an
    air-ventilated driver’s seat keep you cool when the temperature rises.


    Hybrid System Main Components

    Kia Optima Hybrid Features Hybrid System Main Components

    1Nu 2.0 MPI Engine
    With power output of 150ps @ 6,000 rpm and maximum torque of 18.3 kg·m @ 5,000 rpm, this multi-port injection engine is the perfect match for Kia’s advanced hybrid powertrain system.
    2Electric Motor
    An innovative 35kW integrated electric motor provides smooth and quiet operation while helping to significantly boost fuel efficiency.
    3Regenerative Braking System
    Kinetic energy produced when slowing down or coming to a stop is captured and turned into electricity that is used to help recharge the battery, thereby resulting in greater vehicle efficiency.
    4Lithium Polymer Battery
    Compared to conventional hybrid batteries, Optima Hybrid’s lithium polymer battery offers enhanced performance thanks to its compact and lightweight design, high power density and low heat generation.



    Kia Optima Hybrid Specifications Dimensions
    Overall length 4,845 Head room (Front) 1,028
    Overall width 1830 Head room (Rear) 965
    Overall height 1,455 Shoulder room (Front) 1,455
    Wheelbase 2,795 Shoulder room (Rear) 1,415
    Wheeltread (Front) 1,595 Leg room (Front) 1,155
    Wheeltread (Front) 1,595 Leg room (Rear) 880
    Over hang (Front) 965 Hip room (Front) 1,388
    Over hang (Rear) 1,085 Hip room (Rear) 1,384


    TF NU 2.0 HEV engine
    Hybrid System Performance Combined Displacement 1,999cc
    Horsepower (kw) 130.5 KW (177.4 PS) @ 5,500 rpm
    Torque (N.m) 318.6 Nm (235 lb-ft) @ 1,000-2,000 rpm
    Electric Motor Horsepower (kw) 35kw @ 1,630-3,000 rpm
    Torque (N.m) 205 Nm @ 0-1,630 rpm
    Motor Type Interior-Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
    Voltage 270VDC (Nominal)
    Hybrid Battery System Power output 47 kw
    Type Lithium Polymer battery
    Voltage 270V
    Weight 41.3 kg


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