Be sure about one thing. The Mohave can tame the most extreme elements of nature. This new SUV has been developed and tested on the most challenging terrain to provide a driving experience that takes life off-road.




V6 3.8 Gasoline engine

8-speed automatic transmission

Four-Wheel Drive


Side and curtain / front airbags

Rear electronic control air suspension

Downhill Brake Control

Hill-start Assist Control

360 View

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    • All information and illustrations are based on data available at the time of publication and subject to change without notice.
    • Contact EIT for current information.


    Kia Mohave Features 2WD and 4WD | Part Time 4WD (2H), Part time/ Full time 4WD (4L), Part time/ Full time 4WD (4H), Full time 4WD (Auto)
    Redefining Safety Inside and Out
    Kia Mohave Features Active headrest
    Side and curtain / front airbags
    Depowered airbag system features dual front, side and curtain airbags which protect occupants in the front, middle and rear seats during side impact or vehicle rollover.
    • Auto light control system
      Visibility during a period of poor light can be a safety concern, so an automatic feature switches on Mohave’s side lights when it senses it is too dark.
    • Rear display room mirror
      The Mohave gives you a clear view with the rear display room mirror. It will display rear images on a 3.3 inch LCD panel located on the ECM mirror for maximum safety.
    • Front and rear parking sensors
      Ultrasonic sensors integrated into the front and rear bumpers warn of any obstacles when maneuvering into tight spaces to make parking both safe and hassle-free.

    Conquering the ups and downs

    Even on city streets it is essential that a capacious vehicle like the Mohave has the agility to
    climb and descend hills and deal with sharp turns.

    DBC (Downhill Brake Control)
    DBC controls the braking mechanism on steep slopes or downhill conditions,
    maintaining a safe constant speed of 8 km/h.
    HAC (Hill-start Assist Control)
    Using HAC, braking is sustained for two seconds during the brake-to-drive
    transition to improve driving stability and prevent roll-back and slipping which
    could endanger the vehicle and other road users.
    Kia Mohave Features Driven to enhance your safety
    Disc brake
    Front and rear disc brakes form the 17 inch mass brake system,
    alongside electronic BAS (Braking Assist) which amplifies physical braking power. This gives Mohave unsurpassed all-disc stopping capability of 100 km/h to stop in 42.6 meters in Kia tests.
    Front suspension
    The double wishbone front suspension focuses on the Mohave’s ability
    to combat sharp inclines and retain turning stability, providing a firm and comfortable ride whether off-road on on-street.
    Rear suspension
    Multi-link suspension dampens the shock of rough road surfaces, keeps Mohave stable when turning and maximizes interior space for all-round occupant comfort.

    Active safety in any environment

    Rear electronic control air suspension
    It enables the continuous maintenance of vehicle height regardless of the load and number of passengers. You can manually choose off-road driving mode to elevate the rear to avoid damage to the back end of the Mohave, and loading mode to lower the rear for convenience.



    Kia Mohave Specifications Dimension
    Overall length 4,880 3rd Row Headroom 965
    Overall width 1,915 1st Row Shoulder room 1,530
    Overall height (Including roofrack) 1,765(1,810) 2nd Row Shoulder room 1,500
    Wheelbase 2,895 3rd Row Shoulder room 1,415
    Wheel tread (Front) 1,630 1st Row Legroom 1,060
    Wheel tread (Rear) 1,640 2nd Row Legroom 950
    Overhang (Front) 875 3rd Row Legroom 835
    Overhang (Rear) 1,110 Interior volume 1st Row (litres) 1,675
    Interior length 2,660 Interior volume 2nd Row (litres) 1,370
    Interior width 1,595 Interior volume 3rd Row (litres) 1,045
    Interior height 1,200 Cargo volume Row (litres) 350
    1st Row Headroom 1,015 Min. Ground clearance 217
    2nd Row Headroom 990 Fuel tank capacity (litres) 82

    All information and illustrations are based on data available at the time of publication and subject to change without notice.
    Contact your local Kia dealer for current information.


    3.8-litre engine 3.0-litre CRDi engine
    Kia Mohave Specifications 3.8-litre engine Kia Mohave Specifications 3.0-litre CRDi engine

    Displacement3,778 cc

    Max. Power274 ps / @ 6,000 rpm

    Max. Torque36.9 kg·m / @ 4,400 rpm

    Displacement2,959 cc

    Max. Power255 ps / @ 3,800 rpm

    Max. Torque56.0 kg·m / @ 2,000 rpm


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