Take up-to-the-minute technology and blend it with luxury and style. What emerges is the Kia Cadenza – a car that at once seduces and reassures with its innovative attention to detail, distinctive lines and dynamic presence.




Created the stunning high-tech Safety

Artistic Safety systemBlind Spot Detection

Optimal visibilityAdaptive Front Lighting System

Convenience to the limitsAdvanced Smart Cruise Control


Numerous features for convenience ahead of you

Unparalleled ComfortRear Armrest Remote Control

Remarkable clarity7” TFT LCD Supervision Cluster

360 View

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    Blind Spot Detection - Radars on both sides of the rear bumper search for vehicles that enter the Kia Cadenza’ blind spot.
    Front and Rear Parking Assist System - Ultrasonic sensors integrated into the front and rear bumpers warn of any obstacles when maneuvering into tight spaces to make parking both safe and hassle-free.
    Xenon Headlamps with AFLS (Adaptive Front Lighting System) - For optimal visibility when driving at night, AFLS (Adaptive Front Lighting System) works in conjunction with the HID (High Intensity Discharge) headlights to deliver a continuously varying beam pattern  depending on vehicle speed and steering angle.
    Advanced Smart Cruise Control - A radar sensor at the front of the car monitors the gap between the vehicle ahead. The system automatically applies the brakes to maintain a pre-determined ‘safe’ distance and will even bring the vehicle to a complete stop, if necessary.



    Dimensions Cadenza
    Leg Room Front 1,155 mm Shoulder Room Front 1,475 mm
    Rear 935 mm Rear 1,430 mm
    Head Room Front 1,015 mm Hip Room Front 1,410 mm
    Rear 960 mm Rear 1,395 mm


    Weight Curb Weight Lightest 1575 mm
    Heaviest 1655 mm
    Gross Vehicle Weight 2065 mm
    Steering Wheel Overall Steering Gear Ratio 14.30
    Steering Type Rack & Pinion type
    Power Source Hydraulic
    Wheels & Tire Wheels Front 7.0J X 17/ 7.5J X 18/ 8.0J X 19
    Rear 7.0J X 17/ 7.5J X 18/ 8.0J X 20
    Tires Front 225/55R17/ 245/45R18 / 245/40R19
    Rear 225/55R17/ 245/45R18 / 245/40R20


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