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KIA Motors Nigeria is pleased to inform our esteemed customers that our service centres and showrooms are opening its doors again under strict adherence to the government’s and health experts’ directives for business operations as the Covid-19 lockdown eases in phases. In view of this cautious and conscious business operations and guidelines, we are open to customers for business and to provide after-sales service to our customers.

The KIA team has been hard at work to ensure that all facilities are fully compliant with the regulations stipulated by Government at all levels in maintaining a controlled environment for business operations geared towards combating and preventing the spread of community transmission of the Covid-19 virus.

“With many of our customers returning back to work, it’s vital that we are up and running and able to support all their vehicle requirements in a safe and structured environment,” says Olu Tikolo, Vice President, KIA Motors Nigeria. “Over the past few weeks, we have worked hard to develop processes and procedures at every outlet both the showroom and service centres that safeguard both our staff and customers, and providing the necessary comfort to visit our facilities.

What customers can expect

All our opened outlets will be operating under full compliance with safety measures:

– All visitors and staff will be subject to temperature screening when entering a KIA Motors facility. No person with body temperature over 37.5 degrees Celsius will be allowed in;
– All visitors will be offered hand washing soap and clean water to wash their hands. Also, an alcohol-based hand sanitizer will be offered to clean their hands;
– Only a limited number of people are allowed into the facility at a time; full adherence to social distancing rules;
– All staff will wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as masks, at all times; and
– All cleaning procedures will apply to demo vehicles as well, and these will be sanitized before and after use. All public spaces will be sanitized at intervals every day.

Tailor-made service

We encourage our clients to call their preferred dealership beforehand – whether it is to attend to a vehicle repair, book a service appointment or schedule a showroom visit – as it will enable the dealership to stagger visitors, thereby keeping the number of people inside the showroom or service centres to acceptable levels, as well as negating any waiting time at our facilities.

“Despite the lengths we’ve gone to, to ensure everyone’s safety, we appreciate that some customers might still be hesitant to engage physically in a public space, which is why both our showrooms and service centres have been adequately resourced and mandated to provide customers with tailor-made service solutions that give them the necessary comfort to purchase or service with us,” comments Tikolo. “We are open to offering you an alternative to visiting the showroom through our digital platforms. Give us a call, chat with us on our website, send us an email or connect with us through any of our social media platforms convenient for you; we will find the best solution to your need.” This is becoming more and more like the plot of baby hazel games ather than what is described initially here. Taking into account this text, it should still be noted that it is possible to improve what is described by introducing game techniques, a striking example of which is the experience of Friv.

As we navigate through these trying times together, be rest assured of our commitment to providing best-in-class and convenient car buying experience and after-sales services to you. While we are aware of the restrictions and new realities occasioned by the Covid-19 pandemic, we will continue to offer our support to you. We are all in this and together we will be triumphant in the fight against the virus.

Thank you for choosing Kia.

Stay safe. #KiaCares

Kia Partners Access Bank and Lagos State Government on the Lagos City Marathon, Signs Five Year Sponsorship Deal.

Kia car handover ceremony recently held at Sheraton Hotel Ikeja

The leading automobile brand in Nigeria, Kia, has teamed up with Access Bank and Lagos State Government on the most averred athletic event in Nigeria, the Access Bank Lagos City Marathon to create a platform to inspire and engage athletes and sports lovers through the marathon. Over the years, Kia has partnered with organizers of global sporting events, and the sponsorship of the Marathon is geared towards expanding the scale of the brand’s sports sponsorship in Nigeria.

Kia has developed into a sporty brand, designed to appeal to younger drivers with an emphasis on excitement and versatility which resonates strongly with sports and car enthusiasts in the country. Sports sponsorship allows the brand to connect with the people in a meaningful way and Kia through the sponsorship of the 2019 Access bank Lagos City marathon as demonstrated its believe in the power of sports in engaging and bringing people together, particularly the youth.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Kia on the Access Bank Lagos City Marathon,” said Bukola Olapade, the event’s consultant. “As the leading automobile brand in the country, Kia is one of the country’s most admired and distinguished brands, and their sponsorship of the Access Bank Lagos City Marathon has provided another opportunity for us to elevate the guest experience for the hundreds of thousands of participants and spectators who travel far and wide to participate in the prestigious marathon.”

The Access Bank Lagos City Marathon is one of the most renowned marathons in Africa with over 400 professional athletes across the globe running in the race. In recent years, it has become the best-known marathon in Nigeria and one of the fastest growing in the world. At the 4th edition of the marathon held on Saturday, 2nd of February, with over 120,000 runners lined up at the start in both the elite race, the 42Km, and the 10Km fun race. As the maiden year for Kia as the automobile partner of the marathon, the 2019 Kia Sportage led the race as the clock cars and the project vehicles for the race while the all-new Kia Rio models are gifted to the winners of the 10Km fun race.

“It has been Kia’s honor to be a proud sponsor of one of the world’s fastest growing sporting events, and our commitment to making it the best in the world and Nigeria’s greatest export will continue to wax stronger. As part of our determination to put this marathon at the vanguard of sporting events in Africa, we now extend our partnership from the previous 3 years to a five-year sponsorship as we look forward with anticipation to the next four years of competition and believe that the next edition will be the best event ever. As the most consistently successful marathon event in Nigeria reaching its 4th edition, we’re confident that our partnership with the organizers will foster fan engagement through the event.” said Jacky Hathiramani, MD/CEO, Kia Motors Nigeria.

“The new five-year sponsorship of the Access Bank Lagos City Marathon is aimed at promoting sustainable sports development, spread the passion for running and encourage an active healthy lifestyle across the city of Lagos and Nigeria at large. Kia has always been much more than just a car brand, we’ve grown to be a highly valued member of the sports family and have helped build the extraordinary growth of different sports festivals across the globe. The FIFA World Cup, Australian Open, UEFA Europa League, Euro Football competitions have provided a unique platform for Kia to engage with fans all over the world. The tremendous activations for fans onsite and online for the Access Bank Lagos City Marathon have become synonymous with the tournament and an important part of the race experience for all marathoners and lovers of the sport,” Jacky added.

To celebrate the partnership with Lagos State Government and Access Bank on the marathon, Kia rolled out various on- and off-line programs for runners and fans in the country to have an exhilarating experience. The ‘Selfie Contest’ gave the runners and fans the opportunity to share their favorite race moments on social media and win special Kia branded giveaways, while the winners of the 10Km fun race for both the male and female category drove home 2 units of the all-new Kia.

As one of the grand sporting events in Nigeria and arguably the fastest growing marathon in the world, the sponsorship of the race is an integral part of Kia’s global DNA and geared towards its core focus in sports development and youth engagement across the globe. Sports inspire passion and excitement among fans and encourage fitness, healthy individuals and society at large. As a brand that’s continuously looking for the opportunity to connect with the people, the marathon presents a platform for Kia to engage the fans, the sponsorship brings the auto brand closer to the athletes and fans and avails the company the platform to demonstrate their commitment to grassroots development of the sport. The new five-year deal is premised on Kia’s dedication to improving the lives of the youth and contributing to sports development in Nigeria.

Kia looks to post-autonomous driving era at CES 2019

  • Kia to unveil new tech with interactive ‘Space of Emotive Driving’ exhibit
  • R.E.A.D. System is the automotive industry’s first technology converging human senses-oriented in-cabin environment control and AI-based emotional intelligence
  • Virtual touch-type gesture control and music-response vibration seats part of R.E.A.D. System
  • Kia presents SEED Car, a potential solution for urban micro-mobility
  • Kia video and news from CES 2019 available at

Kia Motors is previewing a range of new technologies developed for the post-autonomous driving era at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019, to be held in Las Vegas from January 8 to 11.

Building on the the brand’s ‘Beyond Autonomous Driving’ vision for connected vehicles presented at CES 2018, Kia is looking ahead to a time when autonomous driving has become the norm with an interactive ‘Space of Emotive Driving’ exhibit at this year’s show.

Introducing ‘Real-time Emotion Adaptive Driving’ (R.E.A.D.)

In a future where vehicles have the potential to drive themselves, Kia is laying the foundations for major technological development to improve the human mobility experience. Central to the presentation of this ‘Space of Emotive Driving’ vision at CES 2019 is Kia’s new Real-time Emotion Adaptive Driving (R.E.A.D.) System – a world-first emotional AI-based optimized and interactive in-cabin space centered on human senses.

The R.E.A.D. System can optimize and personalize a vehicle cabin space by analyzing a driver’s emotional state in real-time through AI-based bio-signal recognition technology. The technology monitors a driver’s emotional state using sensors to read their facial expressions, heart rate and electrodermal activity. It then tailors the interior environment according to its assessment – potentially altering conditions relating to the five senses within the cabin, creating a more joyful mobility experience. AI deep-learning technology enables the system to establish a baseline in user behavior, and then identify patterns and trends to customize the cabin accordingly.

Mr. Albert Biermann, President and Head of Research & Development Division of Hyundai Motor Group said, “Kia considers the interactive cabin a focal point for future mobility, and the R.E.A.D. System represents a convergence of cutting-edge vehicle control technology and AI-based emotional intelligence. The system enables continuous communication between driver and vehicle through the unspoken language of ‘feeling’, thereby providing an optimal, human-sense oriented space for the driver in real-time”

The R.E.A.D. System is revealed alongside V-Touch – a world-first virtual touch-type gesture control technology. V-Touch employs a 3D camera to monitor users’ eyes and fingertip, allowing occupants to manage several in-car features via an unobtrusive head-up display. Through simple finger gestures, all vehicle occupants can make changes to the cabin environment, including lighting, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) and entertainment systems, eliminating the need for buttons or touch screen.

Another feature of the innovative R.E.A.D. System is Kia’s music-response vibration seats, where occupants can ‘feel’ their favorite songs as well as listen to them. The sensory-based signal processing technology adapts seat vibrations according to sound frequencies of the music being played. The vibration seats can also be set to massage mode to increase cabin comfort, as well as enhancing safety by providing haptic warnings from the vehicle’s advanced driver-assist systems.

Some of the technical expertise required to make this demo possible arose out of Kia’s research collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab’s Affective Computing Group as part of Kia’s Media Lab membership.

Kia giving CES visitors an opportunity to experience R.E.A.D. technology

Kia will have specially-designed experiential modules installed at its CES booth to demonstrate the potential of the R.E.A.D. System. For the first time ever, the public will be able to experience vehicle technology that recognizes their physiological emotions based on facial expressions, electrodermal activity, and heart rate. Visitors to CES will be able to witness the sensory controls react in real-time to their changing emotional state.

‘R.E.A.D. Me’ is a one-person cockpit that analyzes the ‘driver’s’ emotional state and creates a ‘space mood’ according to its judgment, using R.E.A.D. technologies such as facial expression recognition and vibration seats. This tailored environment will include bespoke sounds and fragrances to best suit the occupant’s current disposition.

‘R.E.A.D. Now’ is a two-person cockpit simulating a ‘Las Vegas autonomous tour car’ that will make suggestions on route choice and in-car entertainment based on an analysis of the driver’s mood. The occupants will be invited to use the V-Touch gesture control system to play games, select music genres, modify the cabin environment and browse the internet for local information.

‘R.E.A.D. Motion’ is a four-person cockpit which simulates a ‘mobile workspace’ that is expected to be a key benefit of life with autonomous vehicles. Occupants will be invited to take on the role of a ‘Kia executive’ preparing for a business trip, using V-Touch to check their schedule and meeting minutes, open emails and so on. The long-distance functionality of the system means occupants can take control of the R.E.A.D. Motion cockpit controls from a distance. The experience will finish with a live conference call on the head-up display.

Kia shows vision for future smart-city mobility

Kia is also presenting a potential solution for smart-city mobility at CES 2019 with its ‘SEED Car’ concept. The ‘SEED Car’ is a four-wheel electric cycle with a range of 100 km (62 miles) based on a pedal-electric hybrid system, requiring pedal input from the driver but with a high degree of electric power assistance to make it effortless.

The concept has been designed to make urban driving easy, fun and safe, while exploring how Kia could make the final mile of any journey possible with a personal mobility device.

For longer journeys, the ‘SEED Car’ is housed within the ‘BIRD Car’ – an autonomous shuttle vehicle capable of traveling further than the four-wheel cycle’s range capabilities. Once within 100km of its final urban destination, the ‘SEED Car’ is ‘dispersed’ to complete its journey.

Interactive tours of Kia CES booth for an in-depth understanding of new technologies

For an enhanced visitor experience, Kia will operate 15-minute ‘Docent Tours’ at regular intervals at the booth throughout the duration of CES 2019. The guided tour will give attendees a more in-depth understanding of the new technologies on display.

For more information, please visit

Visit Kia Motors at CES 2019 on Tuesday, January 8 through Friday, January 11 at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC), North Hall Booth #7029.

* Hyundai Motor Group is a global corporation that has created a value chain based on automobiles, steel, and construction and includes logistics, finance, IT and service. With about 250,000 employees worldwide, the group’s automobile brands include Hyundai Motor Co. and Kia Motors Corp.

Kia Upgrades Service Centre, Offers Free Vehicle Health Check to Customers

The new state-of-the-art KIA Plaza along Oshodi-Apapa Expressway Isolo, Lagos.

Kia’s trendy and superior design, quality engineering and intuitive technology have continued to remain a driving force in the auto industry and strengthen its market acceptance in Nigeria. To complement the burgeoning car sales and the need to ensure Kia customers’ get the best out of their car, Kia Motors Nigeria has built a new state-of-the-art service centre to offer best-in-class service delivery to customers.

As a brand that’s ever-vibrant and strives to make life richer every day, Kia has redefined the automotive technology with the new facility. The upgraded Kia Plaza promises to be one of the biggest service centres in the country with 81 service bays built to the exact standard of service facilities across the globe. At the new KIA Plaza, customers get the ACE advantage: affordable pricing; certified professional technicians; and exceptional service delivery. In addition, customers who visit the plaza from the 3rd to 13th of April will get a free vehicle health and loads of other surprises at the plaza.

Located at 118, along the busy Oshodi- Apapa Expressway, in Isolo, Lagos, the new facility has much greater exposure to the adjoining Dana House along the expressway. Adorned with the new corporate identity for the Kia brand, the service centre is set to provide exceptional service delivery to customers and to also cope with the volume of the ever-increasing Kia sales in the country.

Taking a leap to strengthen the brands’ customer service, there is an increased number of service advisors and certified mechanics in the facility to offer real-time repairs on cars and increase the efficiency in service delivery to customers. Managed by certified professionals, the full-fledged Kia Plaza also has an ultra-modern body shop amongst other technical sessions to offer an exclusive range of personalised after-sales service for customers. With a one of its kind see-through customer lounge, Kia Motors Nigeria prides itself on a transparent and fair service delivery and above all, allows customers to have an experience and a feel of how their cars are repaired.

The Chief Operating Officer, Mr Sanjay Tatpati stated that “the unflinching resolve to provide outstanding offerings and exceptional after-sales service has always reinforced the need to upgrade the Kia Plaza. Nobody knows your Kia like we do. To ensure your vehicle continues to perform at its best, our new ultra-modern Kia Plaza has the tools, equipment, and experienced professionals to maintain your vehicle and conduct any necessary repairs that may be required. We also guarantee that only genuine Kia parts are used to ensure the smooth operation of your vehicle for years to come.”

Tatpati continued “At Kia Plaza our workshop utilises the most up to date equipment and our team is committed to upholding the Kia Customer Charter. This means your vehicle will be serviced in a state-of-the-art Kia service centre, which offers the latest in technology, service programs, and factory registered technicians”

‘Service is what we do best because we believe above all else this creates loyalty and brings you back into the Kia brand for your future motoring needs. Our friendly Staff and Factory trained technicians ensure we carry out the Service with minimal fuss. We only use the latest state of the art equipment as specified by the Manufacturer including the latest Diagnostic machines, which in many cases are linked via the Internet to the factory to update your vehicles computer with the very latest specifications. All general services are completed under manufacturers’ recommendations using genuine parts. Additionally, customers can choose to enjoy our lounge area or take one of our Kia courtesy cars” said Olawale Jimoh, Marketing Manager, Kia Motors Nigeria.

Aligning with Kia’s global trajectory in Nigeria, the company has over the years distinguished itself in the industry and hinged its business operations on providing exceptional customer service to meet the ever-increasing demands of customers. Kia’s growth in Nigeria is premised on a clear strategy for competitive pricing and its delivery of exceptional customer experiences. Having been the first company to offer a 5-year warranty to its Nigerian customers, the brand’s quality and service offering is second to none and has over the years place the Kia brand in the top echelon of car brands in Nigeria. Through a combination of strategy, creativity, and technology to exceed its customers’ expectations, Kia Motors Nigeria has driven a remarkable growth for the brand and its acceptance in the country.

To sustain the brand’s momentum and remain a leading auto brand in Nigeria. Kia continues to create an end-to-end top-notch service delivery to customers and provides dynamic and exciting experiences that go beyond expectations. Having planted seeds of quality and exceptional service delivery with the new Kia Plaza in Nigeria, the brand has continued to flourish and is already sprouting nicely beyond the reach of its peers.

‘Boundless for all’: Kia presents vision for future mobility at CES 2018

  • Kia presents autonomous, connected and eco/electric technologies at CES
  • Full model range to be connected cars by 2030
  • Kia to offer 16 electrified vehicles by 2025 with hybrid, EV and FCEV power
  • All-new Kia fuel-cell EV due to launch in 2020
  • Niro EV Concept offers 238 miles of driving range
  • Kia to commercialize Level 4 autonomous vehicles in smart cities by 2021
  • WiBLE car-sharing service to launch in Europe during 2018

Kia Motors today presents its future mobility vision at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Under its new ‘Boundless for all’ vision, Kia will bring a future in which opportunities for mobility and transportation are limitless. To broaden horizons with its mobility services, Kia is also demonstrating a range of new technologies as part of its new ‘ACE’ strategy to make its cars more Autonomous, Connected and Eco/Electric.

“‘Boundless for all’ is Kia’s future vision – where everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the infinite value that future mobility will bring. This is Kia’s manifesto for its role as a mass mobility provider in the future. Consumers are bound today by the idea that a car is ‘just a vehicle’, but Kia is committed to providing a broader solution to mobility. ‘Boundless for all’ represents a future in which a vehicle can be so much more than the sum of its parts,” said Dr. Woong-chul Yang, Vice Chairman and Head of Kia R&D Center.

Kia’s ‘ACE’ strategy is based around three core elements, presenting Kia’s vision for future personal transportation:

  • Autonomous – Kia plans to commercialize Level 4 autonomous driving technology, with ‘Smart City’ autonomous vehicle testing due to commence in 2021
  • Connected – By 2025, Kia will adopt connected car technologies across every vehicle segment, and aim to make every single model a connected car by 2030
  • Eco/Electric – Kia will introduce 16 new advanced powertrain vehicles by 2025, including a range of new hybrids, plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles, as well as an all-new fuel-cell electric vehicle in 2020

Alongside these technologies, Kia announced its plans to roll-out its ‘WiBLE’ car-sharing service – launched in Korea in 2017 – to new regions from 2018, starting with Europe.

Beyond Autonomous Driving: Kia’s exhibition theme for ‘connected’ vehicles

At CES 2018, Kia is presenting a range of interactive exhibits which combine existing and future technologies. These demonstrate how vehicles could be optimized for enhanced connectivity as they become more autonomous.

Kia’s exhibits at CES 2018 hint at a future ‘Beyond Autonomous Driving’. Visitors can interact with Kia’s developing autonomous drive technologies through a VR simulator, while also experiencing a V2X diorama demonstrating how cars could connect with other vehicles and the urban environment.

The company plans to operate a large-scale test fleet for autonomous technology on public roads from 2019, paving the way for commercial production of the technology. Kia aims to commercialize Level 4 autonomous vehicles in smart cities from 2021 with a new Smart City pilot project.

“Kia’s connected cars will be both boundless and connected and offer a new kind of mobility experience. Virtual reality, self-driving cars, and ‘vehicle-to-everything’ connectivity were all once considered technologies of the distant future. As they rapidly become a reality, Kia is exploring how to deploy these new technologies for its customers. Our strategy and vision for future mobility is demonstrated by a range of interactive displays, showing what our customers can look forward to,” said Vice Chairman Yang.

16 new electrified vehicles by 2025

Kia will continue to expand its range of environmentally-friendly cars in the coming years, and plans to offer a total of 16 electrified vehicles by 2025, including a fuel-cell electric vehicle (FCEV) in 2020.

“By 2025, we will offer a total of 16 advanced powertrain vehicles, with five new hybrids and plug-in hybrids, five new battery EVs, and an all-new mass market FCEV. Due to launch in 2020, this FCEV will spearhead Kia’s efforts to realize a zero-emission future for mobility,” said Vice Chairman Yang.

As part of this strategy, Kia is exhibiting the Niro EV Concept at CES 2018. Combining the stylish design of a modern compact SUV with the high efficiency of an advanced battery-electric powertrain, the Kia Niro EV Concept represents the next step in the brand’s ongoing journey to electrification.

Created by Kia’s design studio in Korea, the Niro EV Concept is a fully-electric compact SUV. Its aerodynamically-efficient body allows air to slip over, around and beneath the vehicle with ease. The traditional grille – no longer required for engine cooling – is replaced by a smooth interactive display panel, combined with ultra-slim lamp technology in the overall front. In profile, the concept draws inspiration from the current Kia Niro, with a modish compact crossover silhouette, elevated body and wide C-pillar. The Niro EV Concept’s seamless rear aspect has clean and sharp trailing edges allowing air to flow more easily off the back of the car.

With a silent electric powertrain, and the anticipation that such a car would be driven most frequently on urban and suburban roads, the Niro EV Concept boasts new technologies to enhance safety for pedestrians.

The concept’s new Active Pedestrian Warning System (APWS) features a combination of front view cameras, object recognition technology and front speakers. If the system detects a pedestrian or cyclist crossing in front of the car, the speakers sound an alert targeted specifically at that person, warning them of the car’s presence. APWS is matched by the Niro EV Concept’s new interactive lighting system, which offers users and pedestrians a highly-intuitive visual communication with vehicle.

Inside, the cabin has been designed with a pure, minimalist and digital appearance, creating greater user interaction with new technologies and features. With a wrap-around design to cocoon the driver and passengers, the dashboard’s horizontal layout has broad and smooth surfaces. The effect is an innate sense of space and calm in the cabin, enhanced by the soft shades of silver, grey and bronze covering every surface.

The Niro EV Concept is powered by a next-generation electric vehicle powertrain, using new production technologies earmarked for near-future EVs from Kia. Energy is provided by a high-capacity 64 kWh lithium-polymer battery pack, paired with a powerful 150 kW electric motor. The Niro EV Concept suggests a driving range of 238 miles (383 kilometers), with zero tailpipe emissions.

Interactive exhibits preview new in-car technology

At CES 2018, Kia is exhibiting its latest HMI technologies, autonomous drive features and the world’s first in-car 5G connection. These exhibits hint at innovations that could be adapted for use in the brand’s future vehicles. Kia is demonstrating these innovations through a set of interactive cockpit-style experiences, presenting the brand’s ‘Beyond Autonomous Driving’ vision with technologies that idle passengers can draw upon in a future of vehicle autonomy.

The first cockpit gives visitors the chance to experience the Niro EV Concept’s pioneering new HMI, with enhanced interaction between visitors and the vehicle. The infotainment and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems are controlled by touch and gesture, with the steering wheel acting as a remote. The driver can ‘swipe’ along a perforated leather area on the base of the two-spoke wheel, with different gestures serving to switch between favorite music tracks, turn up the volume, and adjust cabin ventilation settings. A digital dashboard display provides additional information to the driver, such as vehicle settings, powertrain status, and trip information.

Creating a more digital interaction between car and driver than in a traditional vehicle, the HMI allows drivers to ‘log-in’ to the vehicle using face and voice recognition. The facial and voice recognition technology, developed in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), welcomes drivers and adjusts vehicle settings based on preset individual preferences. Leveraging ‘Amazon Rekognition’ and ‘Amazon Polly’ – highly accurate facial analysis and voice services provided by AWS – the new system disables many of the car’s functions if the driver does not pass the identification process.
The HMI cockpit at CES 2018 lets users experiment with these exciting new in-car technologies.

A second cockpit demonstrates the world’s first in-vehicle 5G connection – with a real-time connection established between Las Vegas and Seoul, Korea. The 5G connection enables users to stream contents reliably into the car, linked to the exhibit’s infotainment system.

The second cockpit also presents the Niro EV Concept’s Separate Sound Control System, allowing users in the front and rear rows to experience Kia’s sound separation technology. The technology allows front and rear passengers to listen to their own music at the same time without intruding on others in the car. The system features eight speakers installed in the headrests, simultaneously pumping out sounds for each seat row, and using noise-cancellation technology to ‘mute’ sound from the other row of seats. By creating two sound zones in the car, occupants in different rows can enjoy listening to separate music or podcasts. Developed in-house, Kia believes this technology could be adapted to enhance occupant comfort in future production cars

Finally, visitors can experience Kia’s own autonomous drive support technologies with a series of virtual reality exhibits. The VR simulations demonstrate Kia’s autonomous drive support technologies in a range of environments, via VR headsets

WiBLE car-sharing service to launch in Europe in 2018

Enabling urban and suburban mobility, Kia has today announced plans to roll-out its ‘WiBLE’ car-sharing service to new regions. Launched in Korea in 2017, WiBLE – a portmanteau of ‘Widely Accessible’ – will be introduced to certain European markets and cities from late 2018. Kia plans to expand the service into other markets around the world in the coming years.

WiBLE will be serviced in the designated areas in city centers, providing vehicles to customers who need to drive but may not own a car of their own or who want more convenient drive in city centers.

In Korea, WiBLE users have access to a variety of different Kia cars to complete their journeys, including the Soul EV, Niro hybrid crossover and larger vehicles. Vehicles are equipped with a range of Kia’s active safety technologies to help customers complete journeys safely in a car with which they may not be familiar. This format is expected to be carried over into new WiBLE markets.

WiBLE is accessed via an accompanying smartphone app. Users then pay for individual journeys in a WiBLE vehicle, charged according to the amount of time they use the car. WiBLE in Europe enables users to complete one-way journeys, rather than requiring them to return the car to the same point, for maximum convenience and value for money.

Kia will announce the first European locations for the launch of WiBLE later in 2018.

Kia Partners Cars45 for a Certified Used Car Sales and Trade-In Program

Kia and Cars45 partnership

From L-R: Abiodun Onifade, Marketing Manager Cars45; Jimoh Olawale, Marketing Manager, Kia Motors Nigeria, Etop Ikpe, CEO Cars45; Olu Tikolo, Vice President, Kia Motors Nigeria; Chinedu Okwuosa, Director of Operations, Cars45; and Mohammed Iyamu, Vice President Trading, Cars45.

In a bid to continuously offer customers the best Kia ownership package, Kia Motors Nigeria has teamed up with Cars45, the foremost online retail platform for used car sales, to provide a uniquely seamless pre-owned car sales and Trade-in program for all Kia cars.

As the popularity of Nigerian used car sales increases with consumers, Kia partners Cars45 to offer a refined certified used car program to meet the demands of a competitive marketplace. The Certified Used-Car scheme offers a unique and comprehensive service where a car owner can trade-in a car for an all-new Kia car or an outright sale of a used Kia car with an immediate payment. The scheme offers a fair valuation and a competitive deal on used cars. The process is seamless, accessible to all and very easy, above all, it provides a Certified Used-Car service that’s tailor-made and customisable to suit customers’ needs.

Over the past few decades, there had been a direct nexus between the buying power of the people and the upsurge in the used car sales. However, this demand was exploited thereby making the country a dumping ground for all sorts of used cars across the globe and sadly affecting the growth of the country’s auto industry.

On the heels of this development, Kia and Cars45’s recognise this gap and hence the resolve to offer the best-in-class certified used car program has changed the landscape of the pre-owned car program and taken some strides ahead of the pack. The partnership brings to the fore the first synergy between an online used car portal with a leading car brand in the country. Straying away from the hitherto practice of importing used car which inhibits the development of the local car production and the sales of Nigerian used car, the partnership is set out to strengthen the country’s auto industry, thereby making used car ownership more structured, affordable and accessible.

“We have witnessed strong demand for our used Kia cars and customers have over the years asked for a trade-in option for a new model. The market size of pre-owned cars has grown significantly and our partnership with Cars45 is aimed at offering a well organised used car and trade-ins with a complete peace-of-mind and a hassle-free ownership experience to our customers. The country’s used car market has a huge growth potential and we expect ‘Kia Certified Used Car’ business to grow in the foreseeable future and contribute to the brand’s growth in Nigeria. Our partnership with a leading online used car sales portal, will not only roll out a used certified car program but also offer customers more choice, enabling them to create a bespoke buying process that suits their needs” said Olu Tikolo, Vice President, Kia Motors Nigeria.

Further speaking on the initiative, CEO, Cars45, Etop Ikpe said: “Our business is beyond providing a platform for Nigerians to sell their cars. The desire to meet the customers’ expectations is what is paramount for us at cars45. “The Used Car Market is growing and we have seen a lot of requests from Kia owners for an opportunity to swap their old Kia for new ones. This plan we believe further restates Cars45´s commitment to the Nigerian people to ensure that there are cars for the average Nigerian whenever he or she wants one”.

The program enables you to sell your car or swap it for a new model. The partnership offers a unique and comprehensive service where customers can sell their cars in a quick, efficient and streamlined way with a fair evaluation. Car owners willing to sell their cars or swap it for a new one do not have to compromise on their convenience. The program is tailor-made and customisable to suit individual needs of customers.

The need to provide a fair used car sale or swap program to the exact standard of global practice forms the crux of the partnership between Kia and Cars45. The partnership will further strengthen the auto industry and set it on the path of greater heights by exploring the used car business that has been the bedrock of the auto industry globally.

The experience of buying a Kia Certified used car is equivalent to a new car purchase, offering class-leading facilities, service infrastructure, tailor-made service packages and fair evaluation, said company statement. A customer can walk in into any Cars45 inspection centres across the country and swap an old car for a new Kia or sell old Kia cars for cash. It’s a great time to take advantage of the Certified Used Cars scheme as customers can now sell their old Kia car or swap it for the 2018 models. To avail this offer, you can visit any Kia showroom or Cars45 inspection centre for an evaluation or bring their used cars to the Certified Used Car showroom located at 43B Akin Adesola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Kia Records 200% Year-on-Year (YoY) Sales.Plans to sustain the growth trajectory in 2018 – Kia Nigeria CEO

Kia Motors Nigeria, the sole distributor of the leading Korean brand in Nigeria has recorded increased sales in the year 2017 with over 200% year-on-year sales from 2016. On the heels of this achievement, the company is set to triple its sales in 2018 with a sustained comprehensive business strategy.

Kia’s increased sales followed the country’s economic recovery from the recession that had hitherto stagnated all the sectors of the economy particularly, car sales in 2016. As a major player in the automobile industry, Kia’s business strategy and the extensive customer-based sales and service programs broke the ice and paved way for a record high year-on-year (YoY) sales. “With our strategic business propositions, we are set to triple sales by expanding our units in operations (UIO) with increased new sales in the in the year 2018,” said Chief Executive Officer, Jacky Hathiramani.

On how Kia defied all odds to record the increased sale, Jacky alluded to the fact that Kia had always stay ahead of the curve with the top of the segment cars that have low maintenance costs and are affordable to the customers. It will be recalled that there was an offshoot in the prices of products across all sectors of the economy amidst low buying power, however, Jacky maintained that Kia’s commitment to offering highly competitive pricing on its models played a major role in the record sales.

On how Kia defied all odds to record the increased sale, Jacky alluded to the fact that Kia had always stay ahead of the curve with the top of the segment cars that have low maintenance costs and are affordable to the customers. It will be recalled that there was an offshoot in the prices of products across all sectors of the economy amidst low buying power, however, Jacky maintained that Kia’s commitment to offering highly competitive pricing on its models played a major role in the record sales.

Among the aggressive sales initiatives undertaken by the company in 2017 was Kia Drive Your Dream and Ember Surprise Promos. The company’s service promos also contributed immensely to the overall revenue for the company. The introduction of Kia Double Deal Promo with over 15% discount on both parts and labour recorded tremendous success and helped increase Kia brand confidence among customers. “These programmes increased our customer retention and loyalty towards the brand,” said Jacky.

He added that the company is set to introduce new models in the year 2018, headlining these models will be the world adjudged best-in-class luxury sedan, Kia Stinger, the B-Segment leader, SC Kia Rio and newly refreshed Kia Cerato amongst others.

Meanwhile, on the general low stock level pervading the industry, he said the company was currently facing a high back order for some models, and was looking forward to assembling the cars at its plant in Lagos, Nigeria before the year-end.

It will be recalled that Kia Motors Nigeria began its local production in the wake of the implementation of the auto policy in 2014. The company built an ultra-modern assembly plant in Lagos with a capacity to produce 27,000 units of vehicles per annum. Locally producing cars to the exact standard of Kia Motors Corporations in Korea, Kia Motors Nigeria currently produces the cars locally and the 2018 Kia Rio in addition to the recently launched Sorento, Sportage and Optima are produced in its plant in Lagos.

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About Kia Motors Corporation
Kia Motors Corporation ( – a maker of world-class quality vehicles for the young-at-heart – was founded in 1944 and is Korea’s oldest manufacturer of motor vehicles. Over 3 million Kia vehicles a year are produced at 14 manufacturing and assembly operations in five countries which are then sold and serviced through a network of distributors and dealers covering around 180 countries. Kia today has over 51,000 employees worldwide and annual revenues of over US$45 billion. It is the major sponsor of the Australian Open and an official automotive partner of FIFA – the governing body of the FIFA World Cup™. Kia Motors Corporation’s brand slogan – “The Power to Surprise” – represents the company’s global commitment to surprise the world by providing exciting and inspiring experiences that go beyond expectations.

Luxurious Sedan, Kia Stinger Set to make Nigeria Debut in 2018

Kia Motors Nigeria is set to introduce the revolutionary and uniquely built luxurious sedan, Kia Stinger to the market in 2018. Buoyed with Kia’s continued offering of best-in-class premium sedans, the appealing style of Kia Stinger set the world aflutter with its striking design. With its gran turismo design, the all-new Stinger strikes the perfect balance of power and refinement, featuring your choice of two turbocharged engines matched with an 8-speed automatic transmission

In the same vein the great Muhammad Ali’s famously taunted heavyweight-title opponent Sonny Liston, saying he’d “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” in their upcoming match back in 1964. We have to wonder if the team that developed the all-new Kia Stinger took that quote as their mantra, because it describes with uncanny precision the car they created to attack the sports-sedan segment.

As a true gran turismo, Kia Stinger places a strong emphasis on high-speed and long distance driving. In its debut year, the all-new Stinger is making a name for itself among industry experts, and beating out the competition. The sedan’s proportions fit like a tailored suit. The cabin is more luxurious, enveloping and boasts of details that captivate and exude both newness and timeless style. With an exterior that disarms, and an interior that is beautiful, The 2018 Kia Stinger is effortlessly functional.

Kia Stinger represents a number of firsts for Kia Motors. Not only is it the brand’s first fastback sports sedan, but it is also the highest performance model to date. Countless decisions regarding design and engineering were made during the car’s conception in order to generate the heart-pounding performance of the Stinger GT.

With innovative refinements and rigorous fine-tuning, the sports sedan is shaping up to be an iconic model that usher in a new era of design and performance for the brand. The Stinger is the first model in Kia’s line-up to offer five different driving modes – Personal, Eco, Sport, Comfort and Smart – for more customized and responsive handling on the road. With increased body sealing and improved sound insulation, Kia has also boosted NVH performance for a pleasant and silent ride.

To ensure smooth and stable driving performance, Kia has paid special attention to fine tuning the suspension of the Stinger. Employing high quality suspension links, springs and shock absorbers, Kia has refined tire movement to prevent spinning on sudden turns – a problem that can occur with rear-wheel drive vehicles. Everything from the engine room layout to weight distribution of the car has been rearranged and optimized. The low center of gravity and stiffness of the vehicle body keeps the Stinger lightweight and well-equipped for maximized driving performance and fuel efficiency. The reorganized layout reduces flow resistance to the front of the engine which leads to a much more effective engine cooling process.

“From its GT concept-car origins to the years of tuning and refining on the legendary Nürburgring circuit, no detail was too small to be obsessed over.” – Orth Hedrick, VP of Product Planning, Kia Motors America.

Meticulously crafted for the driver who loves the drive, every interior detail of the Kia Stinger is obsessed. From the available ultra-soft Nappa leather that envelopes the deeply contoured seats to the metallic accents placed thoughtfully throughout the cabin. Intimate yet expansive. Classic yet modern, the Stinger’s aircraft-inspired interior marries simplicity with substance to give you a sleek cockpit rich with comfort-focused amenities and lowered seating for enhanced connection to the road. It’s the evolution of gran turismo, beautifully realized.

With its striking curves and promising performance chops, the Stinger has been adorned across the globe with reputable awards, one of such is the’s Best in Show Award for the 2017 Detroit auto show. Set to redefine the luxury sedan segment, Kia Stinger plans to stun all and dictate the pace in the keenly contested segment. We hope you look forward to the arrival of the Kia Stinger in Nigeria in 2018!

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About Kia Motors Corporation
Kia Motors Corporation ( – a maker of world-class quality vehicles for the young-at-heart – was founded in 1944 and is Korea’s oldest manufacturer of motor vehicles. Over 3 million Kia vehicles a year are produced at 14 manufacturing and assembly operations in five countries which are then sold and serviced through a network of distributors and dealers covering around 180 countries. Kia today has over 51,000 employees worldwide and annual revenues of over US$45 billion. It is the major sponsor of the Australian Open and an official automotive partner of FIFA – the governing body of the FIFA World Cup™. Kia Motors Corporation’s brand slogan – “The Power to Surprise” – represents the company’s global commitment to surprise the world by providing exciting and inspiring experiences that go beyond expectations.

Kia Partners Arthouse for an Affordable Art Auction, Showcases Africa’s Prominent Artists

In a bid to bring the most affordable art auction to the teeming enthusiasts of creativity and ingenuity, Arthouse is showcasing a collection of seasoned and contemporary works of art by emerging artists, modern masters, and Africa’s most prominent artists at the Affordable Art Auction slated for Saturday the 11th of February. The event is aimed at attracting seasoned collectors and first-time buyers to avail the opportunity of owning an artwork at an affordable price with all artworks estimated below One million Naira.

Kia has over the years partnered Arthouse to present a meld of astonishingly curated works of art and beautifully designed cars that make its showroom a destination for collectors and enthusiasts of not just cars, but also modern art and design. In this edition, the collections are all scaled to a more affordable and accessible price point to allow many an art enthusiast own striking artwork with an in-depth emotional connection that accentuates their love for art.

The Affordable Art Auction aims to engage emerging markets and the rise of a new collector base. ”We particularly look to focus on building a network of local clients to create a more self-sufficient market, and we hope that the auction will attract both seasoned collectors and first-time buyers. This edition of the Affordable Art Auction showcases emerging artists, many of whom are being presented at auction for the first time, alongside leading modern masters and Africa’s most prominent artists —all scaled to a more affordable and accessible price point. Through this auction, we seek to open more opportunities for artists in Nigeria to sell their work and create new audiences to appreciate and interact with contemporary African art” Kavita Chellarams, CEO, Arthouse Contemporary Limited.

One of the facets of Kia Motors Nigeria business operations that really differentiate it from other industry players is the adjoining synergy between the aesthetics of its car designs and partnering with Arthouse to host exhibitions of contemporary artworks curated by Africa’s widely renowned and seasoned artists. “Our partnership with Arthouse contemporary in the affordable art auction is an extension of our appreciable passion for creativity,” explains Sandeep Malhotra, Chief Commercial Officer, Kia Motors Nigeria. And that birthed the partnership with Arthouse contemporary to constantly bring to the fore a collection of art that appeals to emotions and stirs passion.

The art auction will be heralded by a preview party, tagged ‘ART NIGHT OUT’, taking place on Thursday, February 9th, 6-9 PM at the Kia Showroom on the highbrow Adeola Odeku Street, Lagos Island. The attendees of this party will have a sneak peak of the artworks to be auctioned on Saturday, February, 11th. The auction promises to present prominent artworks and a rare opportunity for the people to relish in the alluring works of art that will be on exhibition for auction and will commence at exactly 4 pm on Saturday at the Kia Showroom. яндекс